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Stained Glass Mug

Stained Glass Mug

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High quality glass texture, reflecting the cup's concave and convex fashion sense.

Stained glass, five to choose from. The color of the glass is non-coated and more secure for use. Stained-glass is the color of the glass itself.

This glass is made of high borosilicate, hand-blown glass.

Tempered high borosilicate glass is heat and acid-resistant, lead-free and non-toxic, with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and good thermal stability. It can withstand three times the temperature difference of ordinary glass, and can withstand temperature changes of 300 degrees, explosion-proof and heat-resistant, all of which are incomparable to ordinary glass.

Using colored high temperature resistant glass, amber, and green as light luxury, and will not fade. The ergonomic design of the handle is comfortable to hold and anti-scald.

Rounded and smooth cup mouth, delicate and soft cup lip.

Interestingly, this cup is supported by a hemisphere, which can be rotated like a gyroscope with a light touch.

DETAILS: 250ML/ 8.5*7.5CM

The cup has a concave and convex lattice texture, which brings a beautiful refraction.


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